Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Got Mobile Strategy?

Mobile appears to be exploding (again).

 "There is still an obvious need for a traditional website but the shifting habits of consumption mean you can’t make mobile an afterthought." - Ryan Kim, Gigaom

What does this mean for traditional publishers & content creators?  Do you have a mobile strategy? 

GOOGLE says "the best consumer experiences on mobile happen on websites that are designed for mobile."

They even have a webinar that highlights best practices for mobile sites here.

"61% of users are unlikely to return to a website that they had trouble accessing from their phone." -Google Mobile Ads Blog

Ryan Lee writes: "It's Becoming a Mobile-First World"

*30% of Fab.com traffic is from mobile 3 months after launching a mobile app
*350 million of 800 million Facebook users access via mobile channels
*54% of My Yearbook traffic comes form mobile
*79% of  smartphone users currently utilize phones to help with price comparison, product searches and locating a retailer

Neilson says US teens are among the biggest consumers of mobile content.
*teenagers ages 12-17 consume nearly twice as much mobile video content as other viewers in different age groups
*mobile subscribers 12-17 watch 7 hours 21 minutes  of mobile video a month 
*58% look at mobile ads

Kids Today: How the Class of 2011 Engages with Media"

How does this impact the future of mobile learning? 
How do educators take advantage of this trend and reach kids "where they live." 

How does the explosion of mobile square with the trend to "appify" the web?
Read: IGNITION: Future of Media Preview: Will Startups HTML5 "Appify" The Web -- And Save Publishers?

Interesting stuff.

Any thoughts?

Friday, January 6, 2012

Henry Jenkins interviewed by Simon Pulman About His forthcoming Book Spreadable Media

Simon Pulman of Starlight Runner Entertainment interviews media scholar Henry Jenkins about his forthcoming book Speadable Media, co-authored with Sam Ford and Joshua Green.

 Interesting comments about the participatory divide and how kids can engage with media in a "meaningful way."

follow: Henry Jenkins @henryjenkins
blog:  Confessions of An Aca-Fan
serialized white paper on blog: If It Doesn't Spread, It's Dead (part one): Media Viruses and Memes

follow: @simonpulman
blog: Transmythology

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Spreadable Media: Creating Meaning and Value in A Networked Culture

FOE5 Panel-Spreadable Media
"Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford, and Joshua Green–co-authors of the forthcoming book Spreadable Media–share recent experiments from independent filmmakers, video game designers, comic book creators, and artists and discuss the promises and challenges of models for deeper audience participation with the media industries, setting the stage for the issues covered by the conference." - Annenberg Innovation Lab