Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Discoverability: Connecting Books & Readers

Connecting readers to books was the focus of the DISCOVERABILITY & MARKETING, Digital Book World event held in new York  September 24 & 25, 2012.

hashtag: #DBWDM
Interesting tweets & links from the #DBWDM stream:

This is a really interesting dashboard of publisher social media presences. Kudos to the  team for making it:

 Here is the interview from  on the  with our current speaker, , FYI: 
Social is NOT 'one size fits all'. Learn the social currency of your community. 

Visual e-books are getting more popular - graphic novels, cookbooks - covers still important in  age -  

Comics are getting very popular on Nook -- highly visual stuff seeing big growth on the tablets. via  

  " is a wonderful way to generate traffic." Haupert also uses a weekly newsletter (using).

  on  has some 26,800 followers. Haupert likes  because entries persist, unlike tweets.

RT : THIS: "Sure, authors need platforms but why aren't *publishers* building their own platforms?" - Joe Pulizzi

Me too! RT : What I'm loving as an author at  Success = Desire - Risk.

Really love this email marketing preso from  - she has great presentation style and integrates humor well into examples.

.: Forget  (even books)- publishers need to build own  to serve niche audiences with  

Did you know:
- In 2011, nearly half of consumers changed their book-buying behavior
- 39% of book are sold online, 26% in stores, and the rest in nearly a dozen other ways
- People discover new books in up to 44 different ways" -Jeremy Greenfield, Digital Book World

As reaching readers becomes more fragmented, telling your story across platforms will only become more important. This is why some publishers & content creators are experimenting with transmedia (cross platform) storytelling. Giving your audience different ways to enter the story can't hinder discoverability right? (I'm looking for data now-please share if you have any)

Kelly Gallagher from Bowker Market Research released this book buying data
(available on the Digital Book World website)

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Book Discovery Landscape Becomes More Complicated as Reader behavior Fractures, by Jeremy Greenfield, Digital Book World

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Discoverability & marketing Conference: A Diversity of Challenges, by Porter Anderson, Digital Book World

Top Book Publishers Social media Dashboard, powered by BLIZMETRICS. 
Really interesting track of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube footprint for the major book publishers.

I'll continue to update this post.


Downloads of each presentation will be available this week on  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

World MakerFaire NYC

Last year I went to my first MakerFaire in New York.
Silly & smart and all matter of things #STEM & DIY for kids, one giant Makerspace.

What is a Makerspace?
Dale Dougherty of O'Reilly Media and founder of MAKE Magazine in partnership with Dr. Saul Griffith of Otherlab are creating informal participatory learning spaces where "students may access educational support to gain practical hands-on experience with new technologies and innovative processes to design and build projects."
And have fun doing it!

Makerspaces are popping up all over the country. You can check the Makerspace Directory here to find one near you-or start your own.

Teachers are flipping classrooms and librarians are creating informal learning spaces where teens can come to create, explore and share.
Informal Learning Spaces:
DreamYard, located in the Bronx, "uses project-based arts learning to ignite the transformative spirit in youth, public schools and communities.
Techbridge, "inspires girls to discover a passion for technology, science and engineering, empowering our future innovators and leaders."
YOUMEDIA, a "21st century teen learning space" at the Chicago Public Library
 I Street Press at the Sacramento Public Library, a library "re-inventing library service to their community with an Espresso Book Machine designed to print books on demand."

I Street Press: A Community Writing & Publishing Center


article: Learning By Making by Dale Dougherty
article: Library as Makerspace: Creating and Nurturing Communities of teen Writers by Buffy Hamilton
article: DIY Learning: How MakerFaire Is Innovating Learning
article: Makerspaces, participatory learning, and Libraries by The Unquiet Librarian
article: User Generated Education, The Flipped Classroom: The Full Picture for Tinkering and Maker Education by Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D.
slideshare: Crafting Ne wNarratives of Community, Connecting, Creating and participatory Learning at The Unquiet Library: A Makerspace Culture of Learning
twitter: @MakerFaire
MakerFaire App: Download 


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Transmedia Storytelling Aggregators on Scoop.it!

I LOVE sharing my research.
Here's is a list of people aggregating and sharing transmedia content.

Tracking Transmedia
"Tracking Transmedia, Crossmedia, interactive & digital storytelling"
curated by Siobhan O'Flynn, PhD

The Digital Rocking Chair
Transmedia: Storytelling for the Digital Age
curated by Fiona Milburn

Pervasive Entertainment Times
"Augmented locative stories, experiential transmedia games collaborative social TV"
curated by Gary Hayes

"The art of telling stories over multiple platforms in a common storyworld"
curated by Simon Staffans

Transmedia 4 Kids
"Transmedia Storytelling in children's publishing and digital literacy as social action"
curated by Cynthia Jabar

ENJOY the read!

Pinterest & Publishers

A few months ago I took a look at what publishers were doing on Pinterest. You can read my notes here. Since then the social media site has continued to explode in popularity. It's now third right behind Facebook & Twitter.

"Pinterest keeps and engages members better than Twitter, data shows." - Jennifer Van Grove, Venture Beat

Here are a few more interesting links and articles:
PINBOARD: Publishing Trends
PINBOARD: e-readers, e-books and libraries
SCOOP.it: Pinterest Watch
ARTICLE: Pinterest Marketing Ideas from the Pros
ARTICLE: 4 Book Publishers Who Can teach Your Business How To Use Pinterest
ARTICLE: The Pinterest Experiment
ARTICLE: Should Publishers care About Pinterest (Even If It's Annoying)?

Have you used Pinterest?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tiff Kids Panel 2012: Developing Transmedia properties for Children

The Tiff Kids International Film Festival presents "outstanding Canadian and international films and popular workshops geared for families and school groups." -Tiff.net

Here are are some highlights from the 2012 festival.
twitter: @TIFF_NET

Panel: Developing Transmedia Properties for Children-From Concept to Finished Product

Event: digiPLAYSPACE / Tiff Kids 2012

Panel: "You Know For Kids!" - How to Finance Produce and Sell Children's Films in a Global Market Place

Master Class: Peter Lord, "the heart of Aardman Studios," gives a master class