Thursday, August 5, 2010

e-book wisdom from J.C. Hutchins

"Presently, enhanced content is often an afterthought, tacked on at the end of a production process as a blingy differentiator. We are now in an age of storytelling where that model is practically insulting to a reader. These days, there are few good reasons for creators to ignore the potential of integrating resonant multimedia elements into their stories.

From my perspective as an online- and transmedia-savvy creator, "enhanced" content should make a meaningful narrative contribution to the main story."

I think the "blingy differentiator" is a transitional model as publishers scramble to define the E-BOOK.

That's why this is so exciting. Lovers of experimentation are surely thrilled.
Stay tuned for what Clay Shirky describes as the "cognitive surplus" to explode.

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