Thursday, August 12, 2010


Great call to action by Marian Wright Edelman.
"Sociologist Ray Rist put it powerfully forty years ago: “if one desires this society to retain its present social class configuration and the disproportional access to wealth, power, social and economic mobility, medical care, and the choice of life styles, one should not disturb the methods of education [operating in America].” (emphasis added)
Is that what we really desire for our nation’s and children’s future? Or are we prepared to stand up, speak out, and raise a ruckus until our schools live up to the promise of educating every child? It’s time for every adult to step forward and assume their responsibility of preparing children for the future. The purpose of schools is to educate children. With a majority of children of all races and income groups—and over 80 percent of Black and Hispanic children—behind grade level in reading and math in 4th, 8th, and 12th grade, we are failing."
Maybe we can harness the creative/cognitive surplus Clay Shirky speaks of into something our collective children can benefit from.
Let's try!
How do you share your creativity with the children in your life?

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