Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I attended the iAMDA (International Association of Mobile Digital Artists) conference in NYC last weekend that took place at ITP NYU. I learned about the quality of digital lines you can make in ZEN BRUSHES by PSOFT MOBILE in Japan, so I thought I would give it a try.

WOW! This APP is both simple and elegant. There are 17 different surfaces to draw on that mimic and resemble different types of Japanese papers. Some even have frames. There is an adjustable brush with 3 different brush colors (black and 2 lovely shades of gray) and an eraser.  The simplicity is beautiful and feels the most like the actual ink painting I do. Without the mess. {BUT I LOVE THE MESS!}

You can even import it into the BRUSHES APP like I did below and start repainting and recoloring it.
Can you believe I did this all on an iPad with an APP that cost $2.99? As an illustrator I find this amazing.

 ZEN BRUSHES APP is a my NEW APP LOVE for sure! WATCH it in action:

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