Friday, February 25, 2011

Fish Dancing in Fantasia, Walt Disney's 1940 Original Movie Classic

I'm working on a character bible for a children's IP and I came across this great animation of a dancing fish in FANTASIA, the 1940 Walt Disney classic.

I think it's just a beautiful example of how a character can lead you into a StoryWorld. The simplicity of the bubbles and the way the fish tail moves to the Nutcracker Suite is why I adore animation.
Very few things need to move to create emotional resonance.

It was interesting to read the comments on UTUBE as well:

"The main artist on this scene just turned 97 last week (9.24.2010ish) and is one of the last survivors to work on this film."

"Fantasia is the Mona Lisa or Sistine Chapel of Animated Feature Films."

"I was always scared by this part...and now that I look back on it, I'm kind of weireded out by the idea of fish as burlesque dancers. =/  "

What response do you have to watching this scene? Do you remember it? I find it more meditative than burlesque, but that's just me!  :  )


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