Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Direct Action Games Panel at the Games For Change 2010 Festival

"What happens when we assign points to real-world civic actions? This controversial panel will explore the realities and theories of extending games into “real” actions like donating, giving voice, and volunteering - we might call them Direct Action Games. Featuring a designer of new game genres, several working games, technical and “spectacle” experts, this panel will challenge us to reconsider the bridge between civic learning and direct action. PANELISTS: Stephen Duncombe, author of Dream: Re-imagining Progressive Politics in an Age of Fantasy; Alex Eberts, co-founder of Akoha; Tracy Fullerton, Game Designer & Director, USC’s EA Innovation Lab; moderated by Benjamin Stokes, Co-Founder G4C, PhD student, USC Annenberg." -Games For Change Vimeo Channel

Direct Action Games: Games Meet The Real World from Games for Change on Vimeo.

Read the Henry Jenkins article: Akokha-A Direct Action Game? here.

Watch this interview with Jane McGonigal by Games For Change:

Jane McGonigal Interview with Games for Change from Games for Change on Vimeo.

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  1. Thank-you for skyping with us! I found your words very helpful because your words gave us lots of help and confidence to build our app

  2. That's so nice to hear! Thank you. It's always good to have someone on your side when creating. I love chatting with you guys, you are determined and moving along nicely creating your APP. Can't wait to see the end product of all that work. keep in touch. ; )