Sunday, September 4, 2011

Collaboration Spaces & Game Mechanics

Right now I'm rereading reality Is Broken by Jane McGonigal.  I'm sure I'll be reading it again.  For GAME MECHANIC NEWBIES like myself it's a must read.
I've been pulling out quotes I find interesting and need to mull over a bit more.
Like this from Sam Willison, software developer  hired by the Guardian to create the game Investigate Your MP'S Expenses in order to crowd source data investigation.

"Anytime you're trying to get people to give you stuff,  to do stuff for you,  the most important thing is that people know what they're doing is having an effect.
If you're not giving people the 'I ROCK' vibe,  you're not getting people to stick around."

McGonigal goes on to describe the "I ROCK" vibe as "another way of talking about classic game rewards,  such as having a clear sense of purpose,  making an obvious impact,  making continuous progress,  enjoying a good chance of success, and experiencing plenty of fiero moments."

Still mulling it over in relation to collaboration spaces that inspire teens to take action for social good.

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One of my all time favorite TED TALKS.

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