Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Digital Partnerships

Here are a few new digital partnerships that are worth noting in the children's APP space.

1. Ruckus will join Scholastic and create a new digital imprint.
"The venture is also looking to create “transmedia” properties, the practice of creating new and distinctive versions of a property for different media including film and print, gaming and online and interactive formats. While Berger said it was unlikely that they would be marketed as transmedia, she said works offered across multiple platforms “will be developed with creativity to a high standard in all the formats.”
Read the full article here.

2. Pearson & TikaTok (Barnes & Noble) announced a strategic partnership to integrate an interactive digital platform for creating personalized online storybooks with Pearson’s new myWorld Social Studies elementary grades program.
"A growing body of research points to the effectiveness of digital storytelling as an educational tool to engage students, to empower them as writers, and to ensure they can retain and comprehend information. Digital storytelling ensures students “know their facts, make decisions about the key elements, and shape those within the parameters of telling a story. Such work involves high-level information literacy, critical thinking and creativity; the result is an original and authentic product of the child's knowledge and imagination," said Dr. Lesley Farmer, Professor California State University, Long Beach, in her report Using Technology for Digital Storytelling: Tools for Children."
Read the full article here. 

3. Random House & Smashing Ideas (may 2011)
"Smashing Ideas was actually not a newbie formed around the tablet opportunity; it was a digital developer with a decade of experience working with a variety of big non-publishing brands. But they had the tech chops to pursue the tablet opportunity and had been developing children’s apps for Random House for several months before the acquisition. Random House saw the opportunity to accelerate their own development of digital product creation skills by cross-pollinating the SI team with their own. And their stated intention, at least so far, is to allow SI to sustain its third-party development business, even for competing publishers. " - Mike Shatzkin
Read the full article here

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