Thursday, May 17, 2012

UsTwo Talks About Investing In Whale Trail (Their Own IP) + ROI

Penguin has acquired Ustwo's Whale Trail.
Watch 'How We made Whale Trail' here.

"This collaboration marks the first publishing deal behind a brand that has debuted as an app.

The partnership will enable us to work on narratives whilst evolving the Whale Trail brand, with a digital picture book planned for release in October 2012. This will be followed by further publishing opportunities both in digital and physical formats throughout 2013.

Whale Trail was all about creating something that brings joy to users throughout the world. Penguin genuinely and passionately share our enthusiasm for developing the brand further, and the coming together of the traditional publishing powerhouse and our first game IP, is a match made in heaven. The ingredients are now ready to be mixed together to make something truly mind-blowing and this is just the beginning.

Eric Huang, Publishing Director, Media & Entertainment Group, said, ‘I discovered Whale Trail from Gruff Rhys’ music video.  When I downloaded the app, I was hooked. There’s something so fresh and cool about the art direction." -The Ustwo BLOG

Listen to Ustwo/Studio interview Faber & Faber, Random House, Hachette UK about their vision of the future of publishing.

Read the Ustwo blog here.

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