Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pinterest Driving Discoverability: Are Publishers On Board?

Pinterest is a visual pinboard for collecting & sharing images from the web. The demographic is predominantly female.

"Moms who blog have become citizen journalists, and remarkably, the top 15 mom bloggers influence more people than the New York Times. The 5 million moms with smaller individual followings are also being approached by brands, businesses and organizations looking to have their products reviewed, stories shared and conversations sparked." - Forbes, How Open Conversation Between Moms, Marketers Earns Influence

According to Meredith Schimel, Moms are driving technology adoption on multi platforms including  Facebook, Pinterest and Groupon. How do they effect the discoverability of new children's content?

“We’re excited to see a lot of the tablet manufacturers truly recognize that marketing their tablets toward video games, robots and all of that is not necessarily the best way to scale,” Schimel said.
Is this the end of the young nerdy male early adopter stereotype?

How are publishers engaging with this "busy millenial Mom?"
How can you connect your story across platforms like Facebook or Pinterest?

Original Article on, May 2012
The Rise In Pinterest and The Shift From Search To Discovery, November, 2011

Are you on Pinterest?

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