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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Transmedia Storytelling Aggregators on Scoop.it!

I LOVE sharing my research.
Here's is a list of people aggregating and sharing transmedia content.

Tracking Transmedia
"Tracking Transmedia, Crossmedia, interactive & digital storytelling"
curated by Siobhan O'Flynn, PhD

The Digital Rocking Chair
Transmedia: Storytelling for the Digital Age
curated by Fiona Milburn

Pervasive Entertainment Times
"Augmented locative stories, experiential transmedia games collaborative social TV"
curated by Gary Hayes

"The art of telling stories over multiple platforms in a common storyworld"
curated by Simon Staffans

Transmedia 4 Kids
"Transmedia Storytelling in children's publishing and digital literacy as social action"
curated by Cynthia Jabar

ENJOY the read!

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