Monday, November 29, 2010


Check out dream.haven an interesting collaborative experiment in storytelling between The Grove and RIPPLE100 (CT Technology Council 2010 Tech Companies to Watch) in New Haven, CT.

"Can the dreams of everyday citizens transform a city through storytelling, connecting, and collaborating? We will capture your dream, share it with others and see what happens when our storied dreams collide." -RIPPLE100 & The Grove 

The collaborative experiment consists of a twitter account, a tumblr blog and a collection of UTube videos of people revealing their dreams. Check out what Alex Gutierrez has to say about bullying in school.

It will be interesting to see how this develops. What other elements will be added? Does digital storytelling with social media elements blur the line between commerce and social good? Where do we draw the line? Is there a line? What do you think? Have you experimented with creating digital stories?

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  1. Thanks, Cynthia. Andre here, Ripple100. A few thoughts.

    * Tale of 2 cities. Exact same time and place, except one New Haven has a venue, (physical and cultural) where her citizens can come and talk about their dreams. Even if just to a blank wall. We don't talk about our dreams enough. It's cathartic, edifying, self-fulfilling as far as we've seen. What happens when more and more citizens talk dreams, when they're are curated and tagged so fellow dreamers can find each other, connect? When people realize it's ok to dream and talk about dreams, that there are others out there? When we get enough dreamers so that a city can look at the reflection as on a mirror? And then the other New Haven without any of that. We believe it will make a difference. Exactly how we don't know. That's the exprimental side of it.

    * Dream.Haven is one of several Storytelling booths we're rolling out, more in 2011. Stories, even about our dreams, don't just roll out of people's mouths. Questions and prompts are important, always in the context of a real conversation. We're learning that. People aren't just going to sit down and say "my dream is...". We ask and poke at things like Are you living your dream? How is the world different with your dream? For who is it different? Did you find your dream or did your dream find you? How have you put yourself on the line for your dream?

    Ah, then the stories come out...