Monday, November 29, 2010

Social Media Strategy

I took this fantastic SOCIAL MEDIA class at SCPS NYU with Marketing guy, Jim Hopkinson (The Hopkinson Report). This is the graphic I created for a social media strategy for a fictitious town called Smallville.  

Social Media is a very important element in digital publishing. You hear about it everywhere. Constant BUZZ. If you are in New York, I recommend taking the SCPS NYU class or reading up online. 

Here are some great articles about social media strategy you might find interesting:

Dragan Varagic Blog: Fantastic information and lots of different social media templates.

Very Official Blog: Great questions to ask as you create your social media strategy.

The Other Media: I like this free PDF social media benchmarking template, easy to follow, great questions.

Intersection Marketing Blog: I love the colorful graphic below and break down of phases by Mark Smiciklas.

Do you have a social media strategy as an author or illustrator?  What does it look like? Does your publisher have one yet? 


  1. This is so helpful & amazing, Cynthia. I've been looking at mindmapping [like your visual map] for about 1 month now & love it & you've done it with content that is so needed & timely for illustrators. Thanks for sharing & excited for you!

  2. What a fab post, Cynthia. Loving your graphic.

  3. Hi Cynthia - I love your visual! Thanks for including me in your post :)

  4. Thanks Anne, I think illustrators can really take advantage of TWITTER and other social media platforms.

  5. Hey Tina, Thanks, I always start with color. Love your post: on the importance of sharing information about publishing changes. So important.

  6. Thanks Mark, you inspired my research. Totally dig your graphics too: