Wednesday, February 16, 2011

O'Reilly Tools Of Change Conference 2011

I've been listening to the videos of the O'Reilly Tools For Change Conference. I must say it's wonderful and democratic and ultimately creates more BUZZ for them by being OPEN. I dare say it might even speed up the evolution of Ebooks by making the knowledge available, just like open source did for browsers and lots of other things.

You can watch the Tool For Change Conference videos here.

While watching the #TOCCON twitter stream I noticed a few interesting posts that are relevant to lots of picture book author/illustrators, concerning digital books for kids. The most interesting being:
This is great news for many picture book creators with an extensive backlist.

Lyle Underkoffler, VP, Digital Media at Disney Publishing Worldwide spoke at TOCCON in a session called "Hard Lessons Learned from Selling Children's Ebooks Online."


*Disney believes there is a pent up demand for content you can't get anywhere else.

*Best selling Ebooks are titles that haven't been available for 15 years.

*Disney has seen physical sales grow with digital sales. No cannibalization.

*They have not only seen their pie grow but their share of the digital pie grow.

*Digital products seem to build awareness of and demand for physical products.

*Disney Digital is moving from a product based focus to a platform focus, to better leverage opportunities.

*You need different selling messages for the child and parent to drive purchase.

*Distributing content over multiple platforms increases the number of people that see it and therefore increases the number of people buying the content.

Are you leveraging your backlist? Have you started building your platform? I'd love to see what you're creating!

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