Monday, June 20, 2011

Social Commerce

"According to the 2011 Social Commerce Study from, purchase behavior fueled by social media is on the rise:
  • "42% of US online adults follow a retailer via Facebook, Twitter or blog
  • Average US adult follows 6 retailers; and does do primarily for special deals (58%) – other top reasons were for new product news (49%) and to participate in promotional contest and events (39%)
  • 28% of Facebook users have purchased something online via a Facebook link"
It all makes sense, of course. We all should be able to purchase products and services in the same stream where we recommend them (or warn people off). Or put another way, if recommendations from family and friends are amongst the most trusted sources for purchase decision then putting those recommendations right on the store shelf makes sense." - John Bell, The Digital Influence Mapping Project

"Inevitably, Facebook will play a significant role either by embedding storefronts in the social network or by connecting Facebook to every sell-point available." -John Bell

READ "The Key Trends in Social Commerce" by Lauren Fischer here.

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