Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Children's Publishers Develop Their Own Cross Platform/Transmedia IP

Great article from Kimberly Lew about children's publishers developing IP in house because "margins for print publishers are getting squeezed so much that opportunity and necessity have combined."

Publishers are beginning to take advantage of the IP they have and are beginning to develop new IP that can 'live' on different platforms.

Penguin UK's first picture book brand, Edmund & Cecile is being launched first as an app. Eric Huang says, "owning or representing commercial rights for IP is also more important in the kids market because of the potential for merchandise and licensing around kids brands."

"Owning their own IP allows publishers to react and experiment, moving forward without having to go back to authors to renegotiate contracts."

What impact will this have on contracts with authors & illustrators?
Interesting read.

article: DIY IP: How Publishers Develop, Exploit and deploy Their Own Intellectual Property
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