Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Change is Good

Hello there if you are reading this! Happy new year & all that. This blog has gone through many incarnations. It first started as an assignment for a NYU class called CREATING AUTHOR PLATFORMS given by the lovely Yen Cheong (BOOK PUBLICITY BLOG).

Next it was a place where I collected notes around what transmedia is and is not ( That debate continues. My takeaway after reading & meeting folks at conferences is this: transmedia aka multi platform storytelling is a way to tell your story (the grand narrative as Jeff Gomez calls it) using many platforms (books, ebooks, games, apps etc).

I never promoted my content more than having it link to my beloved twitter account. Oh HOW I LOVE THEE TWITTER.
Okay. Enough.

Well now it's taken another form as
As I build my tiny ULTRA LEAN STARTUP, I need a place to let off steam and be silly. Hopefully connect with other authors and illustrators experimenting and sharing lessons learned.

I want to help others as I help myself by writing about my digital journey. Stuff I wish my editors could tell me. DOH! Did I just say that in public?
LOL. That's not a personal dig, just a reflection of the rate of growth & change in our industry.

But the biggest reason I changed my BLOG VIBE is because I want to tell an authentic story. Get the conversations going between authors, illustrators and publishers. Get off the one way street. Co-create, share our creativity and make something better & bigger than our individual selves & platforms.


Enjoy! Come say hello on twitter @cynthiajabar, I've got someone you should meet.

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