Monday, December 2, 2013

Okay, I'm Addicted To Code Club's Robo-Boogie

The #HourOfCode is approaching! Here's a fun, silly way to get kids to play with code.
Robo-Boogie is an app made by CODE CLUB, a "nationwide network of volunteer led after school coding clubs for children 9-11. Very cool. This should be a part of every school, right?
I discovered it exploring Mark Blair's google feed {a wealth of information}. He's compiled a great list of resources for #HourOfCode here.
Robo-Boogie: pick a robot, make it dance by changing the code then share it on Facebook or Twitter!
Explore Robo-Boogie here and start dancing!
I dare ya, go ahead, try it. ; )
Here's my dance! Find CODE CLUB on twitter: @CodeClub, they ROCK!

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