Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Join me and other artists at the GALLERY DELLA-PIANA for a PICTURE BOOK EXHIBIT

Stuart Murphy travels all over the United States talking to thousands of kids about MATH! Stuart shows kids that they use MATH everyday- to share a pizza, spend their allowance, and even sort socks.
Gallery Della -Piana will host an exhibit featuring illustration from the 63 MATH PACKED books picture books written by Stuart. The Hamilton-Wenham Library will also be sponsoring a talk and presentation about HOW ILLUSTRATORS WORK WITH WORDS, featuring Barbara Elleman, author of VIRGINIA BURTON, AN AMERICAN CLASSIC, editor of Booklinks and Bookviews Magazines, and Stuart-a visual learning specialist, from 1-3 on October 23, 2010. Following the talk, GALLERY DELLA-PIANA will host a gala opening of the show at the gallery from 4-6. COME VISIT AND CHAT WITH STUART & THE ARTISTS.

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