Friday, January 28, 2011

PART 1: BEYOND BOOKS: Picture Books and The New Media, SCBWI Winter Conference

Today I attended the 12th Annual SCBWI Winter Conference in NYC aptly named BEYOND BOOKS: Picture Books and The New Media.
Here are my notes and related links for fellow children's book enthusiasts who are interested in participating in the revolutionary changes taking place in children's publishing.

First of all, let me THANK all the organizers for creating an inspiring day!


Dan gave a funny presentation about the history of the book from stone to tablet with photoshopped Richard Scary illustrations of lions reading with ipads. He predicts the next step will be the E-helmet.

He showed the audience Alice for the iPad, and said: "This changed everything!"

*Keep your website simple and easy to navigate with lots of white space.
*Promote the work you want to do, don't send out a promotion with an illustration style you don't want to do.
*Dan says a simple postcard can still do the trick because art directors tend to tack up what they like and an email is fleeting. "You will always find your audience."
*No matter what the future holds beyond books, Focus on character & story,
*He talked about taking the characters into the toy realm and extending your brand in other platforms. Most toys only come after a book has sold well.
Showed us this book trailer for Jaques Cousteau he made in iMovie.

Yaccarino hasn't created an APP yet, but is "excited about exploring the possibilities."
Dan has created some fantastic characters for animation including Willa's Wild Life (the idea came from one one his picture books), Oswald and The Backyardigans. Because he already works in animation, when he does produce an APP, I bet it will be really special!
You can follow Dan Yaccarino on facebook.

Suzanne Cruise & Penny Sikalis, moderated by Priscilla Burns

Penny Sikalis & Suzanne Cruise both talked about the value of attending SURTEX, a trade show that focuses on selling and licensing original art & design.
You can sign up for their ON THE SURFACE NEWSLETTER here.

*TARGET is the trendsetter for mass market
*Most manufacturers will do the repeat pattern for you for gift wrap etc
*you need at least 24 designs to get a licensing agent
*designs should be in groups with 2-4 characters per group with related colors and patterns

They both suggested walking SURTEX or NEW YORK GIFT SHOW to get an idea of what is out there and how work is presented to potential clients. They also suggested not approaching licensing agents while they are doing business with clients during the show.

You can see Suzanne Cruise Creative Services website here.

Predictions of future trends, article BETTER YEARS AHEAD by Penny Sikalis
LinkedIn Licensing Group

PART 2: APPS (to follow)

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